9 Things You Should Never Say to a Shay Mitchell Fan

If you're alive, you've probably heard of Pretty Little Liars. And if you are a fan of Pretty Little Liars, then you most certainly have a favorite Liar. In fact, your favorite Liar is probably one of the only characters on television who you're willing to defend her, to the point of losing friends. I don't blame you, that's the power of the show. Whether you love Aria, Spencer, Hanna, or Emily, you're definitely rooting for one of them more than the others. But there are certain things you just don't say to a Pretty Little Liars fan and there are even more specific things you don't say about your favorite Liar. For me, that's Emily Fields, and it's probably because Shay Mitchell is so great.

Mitchell, the 27-year-old who portrays Emily Fields, is the best Liar in my opinion, even though it seems like "A" considers her a weak link amongst the group. It's probably not surprising from looking at her, but Mitchell started off modeling for companies around the world, but really got her claim to fame from PLL, which I totally admire. She's taken fans by storm with her character, her talent and her personality in the five years since PLL began. As a fan of Mitchell's, I can say that there are certain things that you get pretty tired of hearing about the actress.

1. "Is She A Lesbian?"

As it turns out, no, Mitchell is not a lesbian IRL. But what difference would it make if she was?

2. "She Looks Exactly Like Naya Rivera"

Yes, they resemble each other. Both women are beautiful, but side-by-side they do look different.

3. "She's Just A Pretty Face"

While I agree with you, she does have a pretty face, she is also philanthropic. Mitchell works with combatting sex-trafficking and has worked with anti-bullying campaigns such as NOH8 and The Trevor Project in the past.

4. "Pretty Little Liars is so confusing though"

PLL is a show you need to be dedicated to. You need to put time into it and watch it, not just glance up at the TV once in a while. If you do that — OK, and maybe take notes once in a while — you'll keep up.

5. "She Tweets Too Much"

Well, as her fans know, Mitchell likes to tweet with fans during new episodes of PLL, so she uses the hashtag #PLLayWithShay to connect with viewers on Twitter. While it might come off as excessive tweeting to the non-PLL fan, it's actually something her fans really look forward to each week.

6. "Isn't She Trying To Be Like Blake Lively With Her Website?"

Not quite. While Blake Lively's site is beautiful, Mitchell's site Amore & Vita — which she works on with her friend — is much more approachable regarding lifestyle blogs. Plus, they just launched a t-shirt line, and this one that says "I Need A Pizza That" exists and is probably the greatest shirt ever.

7. "Does It Really Matter Who Emily Ends Up With?"

Yeah, no. That's v. important.

8. "I Bet She Is 'A'"

C'mon. She wouldn't do us like that, right? RIGHT?

9. "Has She Done Anything Else, Though?"

Shay Mitchell on YouTube

In November, Mitchell announced the launch of her new YouTube channel. While it isn't an IMDB credit, it's a great way to connect with fans and get more behind-the-scenes Shay Mitchell at your finger tips.

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