Witness Emma Stone Vamp It Up In 'Cabaret'

by Alanna Bennett

Let's do this. Not all of us live within a viable distance of the Great White Way, but that doesn't mean we can't be fervent Broadway fans! It certainly doesn't mean we can't be fervent Emma Stone fans, and the two are combining in some cool ways as we speak. Stone is currently starring in Cabaret on Broadway, and the first official video of her in the show is now out there for all to see.

Liza Minnelli, much as I adore every fiber of her being, was kind of a miscast as Sally Bowles: Sally's supposed to be a woman who thinks she's one of the biggest singing talents out there but who's really kind of got a run-of-the-mill voice. This is where both Stone and Cabaret predecessor Michelle Williams fit the role pretty well: They're very talented actors who can pull off the character and who can sing juust powerfully enough to embody Sally Bowles. They're hardly bad; they're just hardly Audra McDonald.

Sadly, no legit recordings of Stone singing in the role have been released to the public yet (though there are other ways to hear it). But this new promo will show you batches of the rest: Alan Cumming continuing his eternal role as the MC, and Stone working Sally's version of vamping up that stage. It all looks pretty great to me, and I envy everyone actually able to see it in person.