23 Best Songs of 2014 for Getting Ready to Go Out

Half the time, getting ready is more fun than the actual going out itself — especially if you’re getting ready with a group of friends. If you’ve ever hosted — or attended — a genuinely awesome pregame, you know the soundtrack is key. Usually left to the last minute, a pregame filled with tasty drinks, solid drinking games, and fun people can be ruined by an ill-planned “Oh, I’ll just throw on my running mix” moment. What worked for your morning jog around the park isn’t always the best suited for shaking martinis with your girlfriends, and it’s a pain to have to hover near the playlist, ready to push the next button every time an embarrassing song comes on the shuffle.

Curating the right playlist — especially for an apartment full of not-yet-tipsy people who want to be tipsy — requires ear for the right type of jam for the occasion. Not all of us are blessed with this prowess. If you are trying to create the perfect list, one that both pumps you up for the night ahead and provides a soundtrack for the typical getting-ready-to-get-your-freak-on activities, check our our suggestions below. After all, who wants to listen to Beethoven’s symphony 9 while taking a lemon drop shot and flat-ironing her bangs? Not you.

We pulled together our favorites for pregaming fun in the Spotify playlist below. Just put on some lipstick, mix a cocktail, and press play.

“Bang, Bang,” Jessie J, Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj

After a couple of vodka-cranberries, you will definitely be singing along to this one, probably (unwisely) even attempting Nicki’s rap.

“Don’t,” Ed Sheeran

Although “Ed Sheeran” and “party mix” aren’t two things we would have normally thought to put together, this song is catchy, pop-y, and perfect.

“Cool Kids,” Echosmith

Despite the lyrics that suggest otherwise, Echosmith is pretty damn cool.

“Stoner,” Young Thug

Stoner or not, Young Thug will get you in the mood to party.

“Problem,” Ariana Grande, Iggy Azalea

Forget your ex, put on a hot dress, and get ready for a great night out without him or her.

“Fancy,” Iggy Azalea, Charli XCX

Girl, you fancy. This is the song to play while perfecting that cat-eye eyeliner and sipping on a vodka drink in your bathrobe.

“London Queen,” Charli XCX

Okay, okay, we know there’s quite a bit of Charli on this playlist, but can you blame us? Her music was basically made for a night out prep session.

“Only,” Nicki Minaj, Drake, Lil Wayne

The badass b*tch song of the year.

“XO,” Beyoncé

You know when you’re getting ready for a night out and you think to yourself “Tonight is the night I will get down with a random hottie, trying not to spill my drink while simultaneously wracking my brain to remember the dude’s name?” Yeah, this song will get you in the mood for that. In the best way.

“Boom Clap,” Charli XCX

You probably don’t really know the words to this song, but it won’t stop you from trying to sing them.

“All About That Bass,” Meghan Trainor

Love it or hate it, this song is pretty much necessary for any list of songs for 2014. It’s everywhere, and rightly so.

“7/11,” Beyoncé

Have you seen the video for this song?! Recreate it with your crew while getting ready. Bonus points if you have a crown.

“The Love Club,” Lorde

Man, this song is catchy. One of her lesser-known songs, Lorde’s “Love Club” is catchy, poppy, and sing-a-long-able. Basically, it’s perfect.

“Feelin’ Myself,” will.i.am., Miley Cyrus

Your anthem for when you’re putting on a $10 dress from Forever 21 and sipping on a vodka-cran.

“Love Money Party,” Miley Cyrus, Big Sean

Miley, girl, we owe you one for this song. Auh-mazing.

“Come & Get It,” Selena Gomez

For when you’re prepping for a party you know your crush will be at. Get it, gurl.

“Rather Be,” Clean Bandit, Jess Gylnne

For when you want your life to be a Coke commercial.

“Chocolate,” The 1975

This song will make you want to dance while you’re in front of your closet, looking for the perfect outfit.

“Dark Horse,” Katy Perry, Juicy J

Even if you’re Team Taylor, you have to admit Katy’s jam is pretty killer.

“Happy,” Pharrell

A word of caution with this one: Don’t let it be the last song before you leave your place. Otherwise it will probably be in your head all. night. long.

“Move That Dope,” Future, Pharrell Williams, Pusha T, Casino

A decidedly different message than “Happy,” Pharrell. But we dig it.

“Fiesta REMIX,” Sicko Mobb, A$AP Ferg

Sicko Mobb, a duo from Chicago, deliver a true pump-up jam in this catchy turn-up anthem. You’ll feel your foot tapping before the chorus.

“Szikra,” Kornel Kovacs

Because you don’t need a lot of words to create the perfect party jam.

“Flawless Remix,” Beyoncé, Nicki Minaj

You will look so good tonight. Godd*mn, godd*mn, godd*mn.

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