Nicki Minaj's "All Things Go" Lyrics Are All The Reason You Need to Pre-Order 'The Pinkprint' — LISTEN

I've said it before and I'll say it again: it seems like The Pinkprint is going to be Nicki Minaj's best album yet. On Tuesday, the intro track "All Things Go" became available for download to those who had pre-ordered the album on iTunes, and it is a haunting, thoughtful glimpse into Minaj's psyche, on par with "Bed of Lies." Of course, she revealed during a Twitter Q&A that "All Things Go" is the most emotional song on the album next to "Grand Piano," but there's a difference between reading that off her Twitter and hearing the song yourself. Basically, if you haven't pre-ordered The Pinkprint yet, then Minaj has already given you some good reasons why you should.

Don't get me wrong. Whether you pre-order the album, or simply wait until December 15 to buy it when it's available like everyone else, you'll still get to enjoy the amazing lyrical stylings of one of the world's greatest female rappers. In fact, you might not even want to pre-order it because you're no longer content with just getting a taste and instead want the full album in your hands right now. I wouldn't blame you. However, perhaps you should look over this list of reasons to pre-order the album before you make any rash decisions.

1. "All Things Go" is amazing.

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I know I pretty much say every release from The Pinkprint is amazing, but that's just because they all have been. However, "All Things Go," which introduces the listener to the album, is really touching and introspective. It shows how far Minaj has come from being most famous for her verse on "BedRock" to being an established artist in her own right with all of the drama that goes with it. With such lines as, "I love my mother more than life itself, and that's a fact. I'd give it all, if I could somehow, just rekindle that. She never understands why I'm so overprotective. The more I work, the more I feel like, somehow, they're neglected," Minaj really studies the darker side of her success. And when she closes out the chorus with, "I just want you to know that I did it all for you," you feel like she is talking not only to her family but to us, her fans.

2. Minaj might release more songs early.

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"All Things Go" is just the first song that's available for download right now with a pre-order of the album. There are still 12 days left between us and the release of The Pinkprint. Surely, Minaj plans to release at least one more track early to whet our appetites after pushing back the release date? (Please let it be "Feeling Myself" with Beyoncé, please, please.) Do you really want to have to wait until December 15 to hear it?

3. The rest of the Barbies will hear her songs before you.

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If you want to wait until the album comes out in full, then you'll probably have to avoid the Internet entirely for the next two weeks. I mean, all the other Barbies are going to jump on those songs the second that they're released and then they'll do nothing but talk about them. You'll get FOMO hardcore if you don't pre-order it so you can hear the songs early, too.

4. The Pinkprint will download as soon as it's available.

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The best part of pre-ordering any album? The second it becomes available, Apple will download it right into your iTunes and onto your iPod. You don't have to wait, or do it yourself. Seriously, what are you waiting for?

Check out the new song below.

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