Julia Louis-Dreyfus' New Old Navy Campaigns Show A Lot Of Self-Love — Looks Like She's Taking Over For Amy Poehler

Old Navy has come under fire lately and has been accused of discrimination for its policy of charging more for women's plus-size fashions (due to manufacturing and production costs, apparently). But here's some positive news regarding the company, which offered some "make goods" to keep plus-size customers happy. Veep star and former Seinfeld goddess Julia Louis-Dreyfus is now the face of Old Navy. While Louis-Dreyfus is a total hoot as an irreverent and gravitas-lacking politico in her HBO series, she'll always be Elaine to children of 90s. So of course my instant reaction to this news was as such: OMG! Elaine shops at Old Navy, you guys!

Louis-Dreyfus has taken over for fellow funny gal Amy Poehler and is now starring in the retailer's campaigns. The actress was also intricately involved in the creative aspects of the project, working with the brand's ad agency to craft the spots. So it's truly a full-service deal for Old Navy, since it benefits from the actress' face, her familiarity, and her natural funniness.

The first two campaigns were directed by Roman Coppola. Yes, he is a member of that directing dynasty helmed by Francis Ford and further fostered by Sofia. The ads are airing right now.

JL-D's campaigns will run through next summer, so like Poehler's previous campaign, it's an extended partnership and not simply for the holiday season. Go ahead and do a happy dance, since you will be giggling every time an Old Navy commercial interrupts your regularly scheduled programming.

In the spots, Louis-Dreyfus' character is a big — make that huge — fan of herself and isn't afraid to espouse her own awesomeness as a hostess. I mean, she engages in self-aggrandizing monologues. So there are definitely elements of JL-D's Veep character Selina Meyer in here.

That being said, she still loves a sale and has no problem interrupting herself (or kicking guests out of her house) in order to head to Old Navy to pocket a bunch of sale items. An Old Navy marketing guru even noted that Louis-Dreyfus "is open to bending the rules of TV advertising, which is important to us in creating this campaign."

Translation: Old Navy's ads are going to be awesome for the foreseeable future.

Check out her Turpigen commercial, where she boasts that her holiday meal took two months to prepare and even features cranberries she harvested from a Canadian bog.

It's worth a mention that while Old Navy took an image hit with plus-size shoppers, the company can't be accused of being ageist and of solely targeting or catering to a very young demo, thanks to the brand's decision to hire Poehler (43) and Louis-Dreyfus (53) for its advertising. And in this sense, we couldn't be happier.


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