Should HBO Show More Male Nudity?

HBO shows, along with being heavy with critical acclaim, are also heavy on nudity. The first season of Game of Thrones was filled with so many boobs that I wouldn't be surprised if Hugh Hefner called up the producers and was like, "Hold up — even we're more subtle." The metric ton of boob-age in HBO's programming has never really evened out with the amount of male nudity (which is mostly made up of a lot of butts), and it was this very issue that inspired the ladies over at College Humor to create this hilarious video (below) calling for a stark increase in the amount of male genitalia on display.

The video, titled "HBO Should Show Dongs," says that it's time to even the score. "I want a little dude-tube on my boobtube," says one woman. Another points out that HBO had a show called Hung, literally about a man with a sizable package, but any actual proof of penis size was pushed aside for the showcase of more female nudity. This season's Game of Thrones featured [spoiler alert] the incredibly graphic stabbing of a pregnant woman (not to mention approximately a zillion other gruesomely violent deaths), but showing a penis is still too much? Please. As one woman in the video laments, "I want to see the stallion that mounts the world."

If you're interested in funny ladies, issues of equality, or just a lot of wordplay on HBO shows and synonyms for dick, we highly recommend that you watch this. (We should warn you, however, that the language — as well as a blurred bit at the end — are probably NSFW.)