Madonna's Reddit AMAA Totally Normalizes Madonna

If you needed any further reminder of the fact that Madonna is a wise-assed, tough-cookie of a musical person, look no further than her recent Reddit-fronted AMAA (Ask Me Almost Anything). On Monday, the multi-hyphenate performer took to the Internets to speak to the plebes that make up her fan base, and through that probably made a few more fans than anyone probably thought was possible. Seriously? Seriously!

Madonna is many things, and so much more than the sum of her parts: frank, brutal, quippy, determined, focused, dedicated, passionate; a humanist dance musician with a frenetic desire to constantly push forward with an intrinsic need to do more. One thing non-fans of Madonna may forget is that when all of this is combined, it can make her a bitingly hilarious and totally normal human. One who, regardless of your appreciation of her art, is unforgiving in her quest to be anything other than who she is. And, hey, also apparently suffers the occasional bout with cockroaches like the rest of us.

How many ways is Madonna like the rest of us? Let us count the ways...

She loves Frida Kahlo

She's vulnerable to random vermin attacks

Sometimes people don't return her calls

She dreams about Brad Pitt

She's an angry hot mess

She can sometimes speak in hyperbole

Most embarrassing thing EVER? More than Swept Away?

She gives none of the fucks

She has a sense of humor

She doesn't think she has enough life experience

Her friends are apparently a walking bachelorette party

She has great taste in dinner

She has things she's bad at

She really hates hydrangeas