6 Reasons Why Olivia Wilde Returning to TV Will Be Hilarious, Dramatic & Basically Perfect

The time is finally here: Olivia Wilde is returning to TV in a new HBO series from Martin Scorsese, and it's basically the best news ever. Not only does the show sound fantastic — it's about the rock'n'roll scene in the '70s — but this marks the first starring role that Wilde has had since House, M.D., which was from 2007 to 2012. Throughout her career, she has only done three major TV roles, but I think that they were some of her best acting moments. Skin was a short-lived Fox drama that only lasted six episodes, but that got her in the door at The O.C., where a failed audition for Marissa Cooper landed her the role of Alex, Marissa's experimental girlfriend. From there, she starred in the also-short-lived drama The Black Donnellys on NBC in 2007 (that cancellation still breaks my heart) before moving on to House later that year.

Considering that House was her longest and most successful TV role, maybe she just wanted to go out on a high note after being burned out by cancellations. I get that. But it's been a long few years without her regularly on TV, so let's celebrate her return with six reasons she's so great on the small screen.

She provides the best reactions

Endlessly GIFable, on a weekly basis.

Her love stories are epic

This doesn't accurately portray how intense and complicated Jenny and Tommy's relationship was.

She is a part of many kinds of relationships

On The O.C. she played a lesbian, and on House, her character was bisexual.

She knows how to handle serious and hilarious scenes

Sometimes both at the same time.

She isn't afraid to do some physical comedy

And provide amazing scenes like this.

She's a total badass

Clearly she does her own stunts.

Image: Fox; Giphy (6)