37 Nerdy Fashion Gifts For Every Fanboy/girl In Your Life: So Bring On The "Doctor Who" Everything!

Sometime between the days of getting bullied for my [possibly obsessive] love for Ron Weasley or my compulsive re-reading of Lord of the Rings and, I guess, now, a love for all things "nerdy" became more acceptable. Or at least, a love of nerdy fashion became acceptable.

The first time I saw a Marvel tee at Forever 21 I was probably 21 myself, and I had no intentions of abandoning my little world of geekdom despite the emotional torture this actually-not-so-little world had put me through. Amongst the pink stuff and the teen-dream booties, the faces of Hulk, Captain America and many others stared straight into my soul. Could it be? Was a mainstream brand embracing the world of the geeks? Were we finally being acknowledged as fellow human beings rather than candidates for the X-Mansion?

Well, I don't know about all that. I'm sure there's still a lot of stigmatization out there surrounding people deemed "dorks." And initially, it frustrated me greatly to see non-believers (in mutants, that is) wearing Doctor Who faces on their chests when they'd never even heard of Matt Smith, let alone William Hartnell. But it's not so bad, really. It means we have way more fun and nerdy fashion available to us for both personal pleasure and gifting.

And so, fear not when it comes to shopping for your favorite fanboy or girl (who am I kidding, or for yourself). Nerd fashion is here, and it's here to say. At least for the foreseeable future until something else becomes fashion-worthy-hip. Like knitting. Or maybe CW shows.

Matt Smith 4E

Periodic Table of Minecraft

Marvel Baseball Tee

So Many Faces

HP Dress For The Win

Nerdy Princess