Just In Case You Find Yourself Tied With Duct Tape

There are nine seasons of Criminal Minds on Netflix, which is my way of saying that I'm basically an expert in all things murder, rape, kidnapping, torture, and serial killers. (Quick note to any potential romantic interests of mine who are reading this: I'm definitely normal and cool and will not murder you in your sleep. *winky face*) But even with my fancy television-earned education, I'll admit that I don't quite know everything about beating the bad guys. In fact, I'd probably make a pretty bad hostage. God willing, I'll never find myself tied up, unable to escape; but in case I ever do, Dateline's got me covered: They have apparently learned the secret of how to escape if you find your hands bound with duct tape.

Dateline is the original Law and Order: SVU, and the original original Serialterrifying, nightmare-inducing, and impossible to stop watching. Now they can add "informative" to that descriptive list, as they recently posted a video tutorial depicting the best way to escape from duct tape handcuffs. Poor correspondent Andrea Canning played the guinea pig in this experiment, willfully letting her wrists be wrapped up painfully tight. She then lifts her arms above her head and forcefully swings them down to her sides. The big question is, does this actually work? And what is Matthew Gray Gubler's phone number? I unfortunately don't know the answer to the second one, but the first can be answered by clicking the video below.

Image: NBC