9 Celebrity Instagram Accounts That Deserve As Many Likes As Kim Kardashian's Wedding Photo

Kim Kardashian may not have broken the Internet with her Paper cover, but she definitely set a record with her Instagram. A photo she posted from her wedding day featuring her and Yeezy in front of their sweet flower wall earned 2.4 million likes. That's more than half the population of Los Angeles.

Though, yes, it is thrilling to see the marriage of two moguls, did Kimye's wedding smooch deserve that couple million likes? Granted, she has 22 million followers (again, how?), so it's no surprise that her spot would blow up with likes, especially when marrying Yeezy. It's Yeezy! But there are so many other celebrities on Instagram whose posts go woefully forgotten, earning thousands or only hundreds of likes, so paltry when stacked up against that 2.4 million.

But don't worry, celebs. I see you. I scroll. I follow. I like. There's such a treasure trove out there of celebrity Instagram accounts besides Kardashian's, so here are a handful of the best 'grams from other famouses who have not unlocked the secret to astronomical fame like Kardashian has. You can still lurk over her feed for all those precious photos of North in fur coats and leather booties, but give someone else a chance to shine, too.

First, the 2.4 Million-er....


Oprah's favorite thing this year is...gardening!! It makes me so happy to see such a happy Oprah after a harvest.

Leonardo Dicaprio

His Instagram account is pretty sparse, but look at this pic of him with Al Gore. It's so awkward. It's so dad-tastic.

Mindy Kaling

She's so cute. And her Instagram is SO cute. Besides all the great photos of the on point wardrobe she has on her show, there are also a bunch of photos from behind the scenes of The Mindy Project. Here she is with a before and after of a pie she was very proud of making.


Drake's a straight-up nerd, and he knows. Champagne Papi has had a lot of good Instagrams in 2014 (he always does a great throwback), but this picture of him as Drake-o Malfoy is unbeatable.

Matthew Gray Gubler

Happy Halloween from your favorite off-beat weirdo, Matthew Gray Gubler. You should definitely take a look at his Instagram if you want to see some excellent vintage mall photo booth shots of him in a turtleneck.

Lupita Nyong'o

Lupita's Instagram might come off as a tiny bit vain — if she were anyone other than herself. Yes, a lot of her pictures are glamour shots of the Oscar-winning actress at awards and fashion shows, but who wouldn't want to see that? This photo of her with Hillary Clinton and Chelsea Clinton is just the best.

Chelsea Peretti

My love for Chelsea Peretti is only outmatched by Chelsea Peretti's love for her dog.

Britney Spears

B. Spears is comfy as hell.

Jenny Slate

Jenny Slate is so adorable!! The Obvious Child star and the living Marcel the Shell with Shoes On always posts goofy selfies that make me wanna pinch her cheeks.

Images: Kim Kardashian/ Instagram, Oprah/ Instagram, Leonardo Dicaprio/ Instagram, Mindy Kaling/ Instagram, Drake/ Instagram, Matthew Gray Gubler/ Instagram, Lupita Nyong'o/ Instagram, Chelsea Peretti/ Instagram, Britney Spears/ Instagram, Jenny Slate/ Instagram.