Answers Emerge After Navy Yard Shooting

Even though Reddit detectives were halted in their tracks, there remains plenty of speculation swirling about the gunman in Monday's mass shooting at the Navy Yard., suspect Aaron Alexis.

On Tuesday, the names of the 12 victims killed in the shooting were released. They were identified as Mary Francis Knight, 51, Gerald L. Read, 58, Martin Bodrog, 54, Richard Michael Ridgell, 52, Arthur Daniels, 51,Michael Arnold, 59, Sylvia Frasier, 53, Kathy Gaarde, 62, John Roger Johnson, 73, Frank Kohler, 50, Kenneth Bernard Proctor, 46 and Vishnu Schalchendia Pandit, 61.

The Associated Press reports that Alexis, the 34-year-old suspect responsible for killing 12 people in Monday's shooting, had a litany of mental issues. Officials told the Associated Press that Alexis suffered from paranoia and a sleep disorder ,and had also "heard voices."

According to an unnamed official, Alexis had been undergoing treatment since August at the Veterans Administration. The Navy had not declared the former serviceman mentally unfit, which would have taken away his security clearance. Family members confirmed that he was undergoing treatment.

Alexis apparently had a history of inappropriate and even dangerous behavior. According to The Washington Post , the former Navy Reserve member was honorably discharged in 2011 after a "a pattern of misconduct," which included shooting a hole through the ceiling of his downstairs neighbors apartment.

After his discharge, he was asked to leave his Fort Hood, TX apartment. Alexis moved to Washington DC and found work as a subcontractor for Hewlett-Packard updating computer systems for the Navy and Marine Corps. He was scheduled to begin work at the Navy Yard later this month.

Alexis also had a police record. According to the Daily Beast, he was arrested in 2004 for shooting a man's tires in Seattle.

Some familiar with the shooter also told reporters that he spent time meditating and practicing at a Buddhist temple. Accounts of Alexis' demeanor were varied, with customers at the Thai restaurant were he once worked describing him as a "sweet and intelligent guy” and others who knew him from his time at the temple calling him "very aggressive".

Just hours after the Navy Yard shooting, as DC remained in a state of high alert, a man threw a lit fire cracker over the White House fence. The man, who was wearing no shoes, was immediately arrested by Secret Service officers.