Kate Bosworth Is Releasing A Shoe Line For Matisse

Actress and style star Kate Bosworth is making her fashion sense available to the masses; at least, when it comes to shoes, that is. Bosworth is launching a line for Matisse Footwear, and it's "new, fresh and unapologetically cool," according to Sheena Parks, director of the shoe company. Unapologetically cool, indeed.

The capsule collection features 10 styles, including boots, sandals, and mules, and you definitely won't find shoes like these anywhere else — Parks wasn't kidding when she called it fresh. While some of the styles are almost too cool for me (I can't see myself wearing white booties involving the phrase "hot shot,") I do applaud Bosworth for creating shoes that are unique and creative.

"My intention for the collaboration was to create directional designs that are wearable," said Bosworth. "This is the type of footwear I respect and appreciate in my own wardrobe - designs that are thoughtful, exciting, and mindful of everyday wear."

The most exciting part of that quote to me: "mindful of everyday wear." Although many look fabulous, there are plenty of shoes out there that I couldn't walk more than a block in without feeling wildly uncomfortable. And no one looks good when they're grimacing in pain with every step they take or shuffling along slowly in sky-high stilettos.

Kate Bosworth | Matisse will be available in March 2015 at Nordstrom and other retailers around the country, and the styles will range from $295 to $505. I'd better start saving for this first pair... take a peek at a few of the styles that will hit stores next spring.

Images: Courtesy Matisse Footwear