Lana Del Rey’s Galore Mag Shoot Is Amazing, But Her Interview Answers Are Shorter Than The Questions

Lana Del Rey's latest editorial is, unsurprisingly, stunning. The photographs of the songstress, which were shot by her boyfriend, Francesco Carrozzini, are classic, glamorous, and they have a timeless and sexy feel to them — much like the singer herself. While the images are beautiful, the interview is, well, a little odd.

It's not the content that made this piece a tad bizarre — it's the person who was providing the content. Hint: it wasn't Del Rey. Take a look at the lengthy questions from the interviewer, and then consider Lana's answers. I promise it won't take long; many of them are just a sentence.

The best part? A 183-word question about her "most enriching time as an artist and happiest time in New York." Del Rey's answer:

"[Smile] Yes."

Awkward. Don't get me wrong, it's an interesting and eclectic interview, and both the interviewer and Del Rey had worthwhile things to say. I just would have like the balance of conversation to be a little more, well, Lana-driven.

In any case, take a look at the images, which were taken on a Malibu beach and in her LA house. Here's a little taste; you can check out the whole shoot on Galore's website.

Image: Twitter/NilsonGonzalez