Is 'Fault in Our Stars' Author John Green the Zodiac Killer? Probably Not, But the Internet is Running With It Anyway

John Green does not give off a very sinister vibe. And yet are we sure he's not a serial killer? I'm going to venture a "probably" on that, but you can never be sure. Which leads us to the most recent in unexpected conspiracies cooked up in the dark belly of the Internet: Is John Green the Zodiac Killer? I mean, have you ever seen John Green and the Zodiac Killer in the same place?

According to Buzzfeed's intrepid Ryan Broderick, the Fault In Out Stars author became... suspected, I guess, of secretly being the famed serial killer after someone put his author picture next to a sketch of the Zodiac Killer. Things kind of took off from there.

It's important to note here that John Green was born in 1977, nine years after the first Zodiac killing took place and at least five years after the final known one. Unless Green is a time traveler (Interesting theory! He has talked about Doctor Who in the past) or a wizard (he doesn't deny it), the Paper Towns author is probably not the Zodiac Killer.

And if we're going through conspiracy theories of who John Green looks like: C'mon, guys, he looks much more like Jimmy Neutron.

Though the Zodiac Killer thing was fun (is that the word?) while it lasted.

Image: lonewolfbookworm/tumblr