Miles Teller & Jonah Hill May Star in 'Arms and The Dudes' & We Need This to Be Confirmed ASAP

Think long and hard about this question, dear people of the world. What's more spectacular, and by spectacular, I mean ridiculous, than a movie with Jonah Hill at the helm? Well, a movie with Jonah Hill and Miles Teller, of course. What exactly did you think the answer was going to be, anyway? According to The Wrap, the duo may just appear on screen together, barring a scheduling conflict for Teller. It's a movie aptly titled, Arms and The Dudes, and it's going to be directed by Todd Phillips. Something else equally as amazing about this movie? Bradley Cooper is also a part of it, though behind the scenes, as he'll produce the film with the likes of Mark Gordon and Phillips.

The Wrap sets the stage for the movie, explaining the synopsis as this,

"Hill will play one half of a pair of potheads who become unlikely arms dealers when they win a $300 million contract from the government to supply America's allies in Afghanistan with weapons. As one might guess, the situation spirals out of control and the two find themselves way out of their depths."

I mean, if Hill, Teller, and Cooper weren't incentive enough to see this movie, that description certainly is. Not to bum you out when you're on such a movie high, but it was also reported that Chris Pratt was supposed to star with Hill but that looks like it may not happen, because, well, Pratt is on top of the freakin' world right now. Either way, this is a film you'll probably want to splurge on.