34 Celebrities Who Love Pot & Don't Care Who Knows It

NEW YORK, NY - NOVEMBER 07: Natalie Portman visits 'Late Night With Jimmy Fallon' on November 7, 2013 in New York City. (Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images)
Source: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Pot: It's not just for binge-watching Spongebob Squarepants. (Note the word "just." You can still totally do that.) These celebrities have plenty of reasons why they light up, and they don't exactly keep their love of weed a secret. And while these folks aren't exactly shy about their love of getting high, you might be surprised to find out which stars consider themselves are current (or former) stoners. Click through to read about which stars love pot, and who you could call upon if you were looking for a smoking buddy. 

Natalie Portman

The Your Highness star admitted to Entertainment Weekly that she was a bit of a stoner during her college days at Harvard University. 

Justin Timberlake

In 2011 Timberlake told Playboy that he loved smoking pot because it gets him to “stop thinking” so much. He also admitted that he thinks some people are just better high. 

Whoopi Goldberg

Goldberg uses medical marijuana to help her cope with glaucoma and firmly believes in legalization. 


Take one look at RiRi’s Instagram and you’ll know the lady loves her bowl — so much so that she allegedly wanted to cut back.

Matthew McConaughey

The actor rose to fame playing a stoner in the 1993 flick Dazed & Confused, and, apparently, the role wasn’t much of a stretch. In 1999 McConaughey was arrested when cops found weed in his Austin, Texas home. What else did they find? A naked McConaughey playing the bongos. 

Miley Cyrus

It’s no secret that Cyrus is a big fan of weed, so much so that she lit up on stage at the European Music Awards in 2013. She even sold $65 packs of edible gold rolling papers at her Bangerz tour last year. 

Jennifer Aniston

Aniston had no problem admitting to Rolling Stone that she “enjoys cannabis” and sees nothing wrong with doing so. 

Kirsten Dunst

Dunst thinks that the world would be a “better place” if everyone smoked weed and considers America’s current marijuana policy “ridiculous.”

Woody Harrelson

Harrelson has protested America’s marijuana policy and considers himself an active pot smoker. 

Paris Hilton

How do we know Hilton likes weed? The heiress was arrested for marijuana possession at the World Cup. 

Willie Nelson

Umm, duh. Nelson has been arrested multiple times for marijuana-related offenses, but that doesn’t stop the singer from speaking out about what he considers to be unfair drug policies.

Frances McDormand

McDormand admitted that she was a recreational pot smoker when she covered marijuana-enthusiast magazine High Times. 

Cameron Diaz

Diaz has been smoking pot for a while — so long, in fact, that Snoop Dogg was her dealer when she was a teenager. 

Drew Barrymore

BFFs Barrymore and Diaz were spotted sharing a joint at the beach together. 

Kristen Stewart

Stewart told Vanity Fair that she doesn’t care who judges her for smoking pot.

Melanie Griffith

Griffith doesn’t think lighting up on occasion is that big of a deal, stating that she’d even smoke with her kids if they wanted to.

Bill Maher

Pot smoker Maher wrote an op-ed for Rolling Stone about how marijuana might be able to unite the country. 

Oliver Stone

The Savages director said that he smoked pot during the Vietnam war to “stay human.”

Juliette Lewis

Though Lewis has stated that she hasn’t touched marijuana in years, she admitted that she used to smoke a lot of it with her ex, Brad Pitt. 


In 2007, Steve-O swore off all drugs — except for weed.


Madonna confessed that her F-bomb tirade on David Letterman’s talk show in 1994 had something to do with the joint she smoked prior to the show. She also answered on a Reddit AMA that her favorite birthday present ever was a bong shaped like a penis. 

Charlize Theron

Want to know how to make a homemade apple bong? Something tells me that Theron can show you a thing or two… 

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

The Looper star told Details that he loved smoking pot in high school, but has since cut down significantly. 

Seth Rogen

What’s Rogen’s secret to writing great comedy? Lots and lots of weed. 

Sarah Silverman

Silverman wants to share her love of marijuana with the world. She introduced her new pot-filled electronic cigarette on the Emmys red carpet. 

Stephen Colbert

Colbert has said that smoking pot in high school influenced his comedy. 

Louis Tomlinson

Tomlinson was recently caught smoking pot with another one of his One Direction pals. 

Zayn Malik

Malik and Tomlinson lit up in a car on the way to a One Direction event. 

Jennifer Lawrence

Even Katniss Everdeen needs to relax a bit. The actress was seen smoking what appeared to be a joint outside of her home. Was it? We’ll never know… wink, wink. 

Lady Gaga

Gaga likes to get high while writing music which, to be honest, explains a whole lot. 

Barbra Streisand

Streisand used to get high with comedy legend Peter Sellers, but her Guilt Trip co-star Seth Rogen admits that he couldn’t get the music icon to smoke with him. 

Morgan Freeman

John Mayer

Mayer’s song “Who Says” asks who said that he “can’t get stoned?” Well, who? 

George Clooney

According to the workers at a certain cannabis cafe in Amsterdam, Clooney was a frequent buyer. He does always seem so chill.