Emily Blunt For Violet Grey Is Unrecognizable And Stunning, Thanks To A Blonde, Cindarella-Style Bob

Eva Mendes rocked a black, Louise Brooks-like flapper wig for her Violet Grey feature, revealing why she and bae Ryan Gosling chose Esmeralda as their daughter's name. Now, her fellow actress and new mom Emily Blunt has a Violet Grey spread, and she's gone totally incognito, thanks to a platinum blonde bob with bangs. Blunt is, in a word, stunning, as she steps into the dresses of classic fairytale heroines for the spread. With her bob, she is basically a flawless Cinderella.

The British actress, who, for me at least, was the real star in The Devil Wears Prada as a combative yet sorta charming assistant, is all wrapped up in breathtaking and voluminous couture in the fairytale-themed spread. I'm talking a lost stiletto and a huge ballgown, Cinderella-style, in one set, along with red fur and lips for a Little Red Riding Hood-inspired shoot, and looking like the lost and long-locked Rapunzel in another.

Since Blunt stars in the fantastical fairytale Into the Woods, out this holiday season, and has her new daughter Hazel at home, she is certainly up to her well-lashed eyes in children's stories and fables, so it makes sense for her to re-enact the fables.

This is as high fashion as we've seen Blunt since her TDWP stint, and it agrees with her. She is wearing the clothes; they are not wearing her. And yes, she could totally rock this bob in real life, too.

How appropriate that she would get a blunt bob, right? The bangs and the head-hugging shape make an attached-to-long-hair girl like myself want to take this pic to my stylist for a serious snip. Although I'd probably chicken out in the chair, I lurve this cut.

This coif has so much movement. And yes, all of the other pics in the spread are jaw-dropping in their artfulness and how they recreate classic and beloved tales with modern fashions and perspective with a beautiful actress.

But the Blunt-as-Cinderella set up is the most unforgettable.

Image: Violet Grey (1)