Unexpected Hair Crush: JLaw as Miss Dior

Miss Dior has always been one of the cutest brands out there (remember Natalie Portman's amazing black hair bow?), and their fall/winter ad campaign, staring everyone's BFF Jennifer Lawrence, makes it official: We all want to be a Miss Dior girl. JLaw's look in these fall campaigns epitomizes every single vibe we want to channel this fall — ridiculously fresh-faced non-makeup, a strong brow, a really cozy coat, and, of course, an iconic bag casually slung over one shoulder.

Her hair is perhaps the most autumnal thing about this look. It's tied up in a low knot at the nape of her neck, and it's windswept in such a way that you just know she went for a brisk fall walk right before the photoshoot. Is the age of the topknot done? (...she wrote, with her hair in a topknot.) We can't decide if the best part about this hairdo is the fact that you don't need any product, or how perfectly it compliments a perfect coat.

1. Tie your hair into a low ponytail at the nape of your neck.

2. Split the ponytail into two sections and literally tie them in a knot. Tuck the exposed ends back into the knot and secure with bobby pins. Make sure your hair elastic is covered.

3. Rough up the knot a bit with the palm of your hand.

4. Using a comb or your fingers, gently rough up the hair at the top of your head by drawing your comb/fingers from the crown of your head down toward your forehead. The goal is to loosen up a few piece of hair and create a little volume. If the look isn't windswept enough for you, do the same on each side of your head.

Et voila! You're ready for a coffee run (just saying, we hear Jennifer likes Vint's in Louisville, Ky.).