Meet the 'Redneck Island' Season 4 Cast, Who All Have 1 Thing in Common: They Love To Party

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There's a reality show for everything, y'all. Strap on your cowboy boots, because if you're looking for a new competition to follow now that a lot of TV shows are going on winter hiatus, CMT has one ready for you. Redneck Island is about to kick off its fourth season on Thursday night, and as someone who has never seen the show, I've found out it's basically what it sounds like — a down south version of Survivor. Hosted by Steve Austin and Jessie James Decker, the show puts a group of self-proclaimed rednecks together in a house, where they're required to compete in challenges in the hopes of winning $100,000.

Quick PSA before I continue: Although this season of Redneck Island is filmed in Georgia, as someone who's spent the majority of her life in the peach state, I can assure you that the show is about to give you a terrible representation of what Georgia is really like. Most of us are just boring suburban folk who drive SUVs, eat a lot of Chick-Fil-A, and try to avoid running into Kim Zolciak at all costs.

This season brings in a brand new crew of rednecks who will be competing for the cash prize, and from where I'm standing, it definitely looks like it's about to be an entertaining season. Let's decode CMT's bios for each contestant, and figure out where on the island they'll find their place.

Image: CMT

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