Which of These Actresses Had the Best 2014?

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While the Academy Awards might be an effective means of celebrating the best individual performances of the year (and that itself is up for debate), there aren't enough forums for paying tribute to an actor's year in its entirety. So often, we have a rising star, or established veteran vying for a comeback on par with Matthew McConaughey's infamous resurgence, make magic of a single calendar year. He or she will release multiple great pictures, earn Oscar attention, even turn out some impressive work on the small screen. These past 12 months have seen no shortage of power player actresses aim for pop culture ubiquity in such regards, and we can't sit idly by without recognizing these efforts.

With a complex, airtight formula (it's mostly just adding arbitrary point assignments), we've come up with a way to determine which of our favorite actresses had the very best year in 2014. Judging quantity, quality, awards chatter, box office intake, and those almost indefinable characteristics that the world loves so much, we've come up with a ranking that we're pretty confident in.

So check out this gallery to find out which actresses stole the show in 2014. Every woman on this list had a year to be proud of... but who had the best year of all?

Image: A24 Films

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