Another 'Real Housewives' Spinoff? Say It Ain't So

Does the world need another Real Housewives spinoff? Probably not. Does the world need to see more of Caroline Manzo and her family on a regular basis? Definitely probably not. According to The Wrap, though, we're getting one anyway: Bravo has reportedly given the green light to a Real Housewives of New Jersey spinoff pilot starring Caroline Manzo and her family, which even bears the cutesy little title, Manzo'd With Children. Get it? Like, married with children? They're so witty.

The show will, of course, follow Caroline as she tackles her duties as "ringleader of the crazy circus that is her Italian family." Her kids will have their fair share of screentime too: A single Albie, Chris trying to come up with a new business idea that is even better than his stripper/car wash concept, and Lauren wants to get married to Vito. Caroline's sister, Aunt Fran, will be involved, too.

You know what, the show's logline explains it even better: "It’s one crowded house filled with personality, laughter and ham… in both pig and honey-baked forms." Sounds delightful, right?

Right now, the concept is only a pilot, so it remains to be seen whether or not this show will actually make it on to the air — but, let's be real, it probably will because everyone is looking to milk the Real Housewives of New Jersey cash cow for all it's worth while they can.

As long as someone flips a table in this spinoff, we're in.