Clint Eastwood's Son Scott Eastwood Wants to Be a Man's Man, Not a 'Kid Actor'

In his ongoing effort to step out of his father Clint Eastwood's overwhelmingly gigantic shadow, Scott Eastwood has been taking all of the seriously serious roles he can get in Hollywood — and, apparently, it's all apart of his master plan. In a new interview for his spread in Town & Country (the MAN issue, of course), Scott explained exactly what type of Hollywood career he wants, and tried his hardest to convince us all that having the last name "Eastwood" did not help him at all:

On working hard despite his famous family:

On what type of actor he wants to be:

On some advice his dad gave him, which kind of explains a lot about that disastrous Obama/chair speech at the Republican National Convention:

Got that, everyone? Scott Eastwood worked just as hard as everyone else to get his IMDb profile, and he is a MAN'S MAN so that's why we never saw him on his stepmother's reality show, Eastwood and Company. Srs bsns.