Ariana & Sean Are So In Love On 'Grammy Christmas'

by Christine DiStasio

If there were any doubts that these two are each other's "best mistakes," this performance will change your mind. After months of speculation (and a photo of them holding hands backstage), Ariana Grande confirmed her relationship with Big Sean in an interview with The Telegraph back in October. Since then, the couple has practically bombarded fans with "Big Grande" adorable moments. And, on Friday night, A Very Grammy Christmas will feature an Ariana Grande and Big Sean performance of Grande's "Best Mistake" as well as the singer's new holiday song, "Santa Tell Me." But it's the intimate moments during Big Grande's performance that prove that this couple isn't just a rebound — they're the real deal and they're absolutely in love.

Now, it doesn't surprise me in the slightest that these two made some serious eyes at one another during this love song. I mean, Big Grande is the same couple that kissed for the cameras on a roller coaster at Universal Studios Hollywood and they've proven numerous times — through song collaborations and on stage — that they've got crazy chemistry. But, these two lovebirds took it to a whole new level with their Grammy Christmas performance. Big Grande holds hands, they gaze lovingly into each other's eyes, and essentially crowned themselves your new favorite Top 40 couple. Seriously, all you're going to want for Christmas is for Ariana Grande and Big Sean's performance to last forever. OK, fine, maybe that's all I want for Christmas but that's because of these seven moments that show how adorably and perfectly in love Big Grande is.

When Ari Looked At Him Like This

"You are my moon and stars." That's what Ariana's eyes are saying.

When She Grabbed His Coat

I have no other words for this other than, "Yes, ultimate yes."

When Gravity Was Pulling Them Together

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The love is just too strong.

When Sean Looked At Her Like This

"DAMN, she is the most beautiful woman in this arena." That's what he's thinking and if he isn't, he's crazy.

When They Couldn't Take Their Eyes Off of Each Other

They never get sick of looking at each other.

Seriously, Their Eyes Were Locked The Whole Time


When They Walked Off Holding Hands

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

And Big Sean stuck his pointer finger out to show that Ari is his #1.

Because it's Ari + Big 4EVER.

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