Read UVA Fraternity Phi Kappa Psi's Statement On "Discrepancies" In That 'Rolling Stone' Article

On Friday, just one hour after Rolling Stone published a formal apology note about its article about an alleged gang-rape at a fraternity — named as Phi Kappa Psi by the article — of the University of Virginia, Phi Kappa Psi released its own statement on the story. In it, Phi Kappa Psi vehemently denied key allegations made by Rolling Stone in the article, as The Washington Post had reported it would. It added that it was fully compliant with the criminal investigation into the fraternity.

The article thrust UVA, and in particular Phi Kappa Psi, into the spotlight, and UVA responded by temporarily shutting down all fraternities. Rolling Stone's decision to name the specific fraternity the accused had named led to the fraternity becoming symbolic of sex assault on college campuses across the nation, and passionate demonstrations were held in protest of Phi Kappa Psi both outside the fraternity and elsewhere.

In its apology note, Rolling Stone wrote that there were "discrepancies" in the article, writing that their trust in the victim, "Jackie," had been eroded and they no longer stood by parts of her story. The specific parts of the 9,000-word story that were in question weren't explicitly named by Rolling Stone, but The Washington Post and other outlets have said that several notable details were false. Phi Kappa Psi never held a party the night that Jackie said she was assaulted, the fraternity said in its statement, and specific details Jackie told Rolling Stone about her attackers don't check out with the fraternity's members.