'Glee's Got a Beatle Problem

In the first full scene from Glee's upcoming season premiere on FOX, which will air on Sept. 26 at 9 p.m., the New Directions gang makes it clear that some things never go out of style. Those things include, first and foremost, the Beatles, Blaine's bowties, and Artie's gentleman of the year behavior.

It looks like the kids of Glee really know their stuff about the legendary and timeless band in this clip, down to George Harrison's dad's profession (he was a bus driver), and they use it to prove how "relatable" the Beatles are.

They also acknowledge in-episode that the Beatles theme will span the two-episode season premiere because they're "epic". Granted this scene is a little dry and a lot like every other choir-room scene we've been subjected to for the past four seasons (how does Mr. Schue keep his whiteboard so clean?), there's a cute little exchange at the end that deserves acknowledgement: Artie and Kitty may or may not be official this season!

Artie, in the most genuinely adorable but also super smooth romantic gesture, says to Kitty, "Your chariot awaits. I'm serious, woman, hop on board." AND SHE DOES. So, hopefully there will be plenty of scenes this season with Kitty riding around McKinley High on Artie's lap. Personally, I'm really glad that this is happening after her surprisingly perfect pep-talk at the end of last season prompting Artie to take the plunge and move to New York to pursue filmmaking in college.

Also, Artie's already proven himself to be the greatest boyfriend in his past Glee relationship, maybe he'll pull Kitty out of the dark, evil hole she seems to perpetually operate from.

In less exciting news, it seems that Marley and Jake and still together and annoying. Now that Kitty's off the prowl, it looks like we'll be subjected to them for awhile. If they sing a duet of "Oh! Darling" or Jake sings "Something" while gazing lovingly at Marley, I'm going to eye-roll so hard that I'll end up in the hospital. Leave the duets to Kurt and Blaine, because we love them and everything they do is perfect, PLEASE.

And here's the scene (!!!!):