9 Fruitcake Recipes That Are Actually Good, Because This Dessert Doesn't Deserve Its Bad Rep

For some reason, fruitcakes have always had a horrible reputation. Giving someone a fruitcake for the holidays often seems to imply that you hate the receiver more than you like them. The saying "nutty as a fruitcake" refers to a person who is just a little bit kooky. "The Fruitcake Lady" first appeared on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno teaching Mel Gibson and Jay how to make a fruitcake (which later evolved into an actual segment called "Ask The Fruitcake Lady" — no need to reference the "nutty as a fruitcake" saying here). Google "suggested uses for fruitcake," and the first link directs you to a page telling you to strap them to your shoes for use as ice skates (along with fruitcake recycling programs). The Washington Post even wrote an article detailing 7 ways to fix fruitcake’s image problem.

I'm here to prove that not all fruitcakes are bad. Maybe we just need to change the way we think about them. Gone are the hard-as-a-rock, soaked-in-brandy-with-red and-green candy fruitcakes of the 1930s. These variations on the traditional dessert are actually edible, and might I add, enjoyable. So go ahead. Volunteer to bring the fruitcake to your holiday dinner. While your family might initially be scared that you’ll carry in a Frisbee-sized sugary hockey puck, their taste buds will soon thank you.

Image: The Crepes of Wrath

Peanut Butter Swirled Strawberry Cake

Peanut butter and jelly is no longer a relic of your fifth grade lunch box. If you used to love the old school snack, this delightful peanut butter swirled strawberry cake from Averie Cooks is definitely for you.

Image: Averie Cooks

Blueberry Maple Slow Cooker Cake

Be sure to check out this gluten, dairy, and soy-free blueberry maple cake from Healthful Pursuit. Your slow cooker does all the work, but you take all the credit.

Image: Healthful Pursuit

Banana Zucchini Pudding Cake with Vanilla Brown Butter Glaze

Zucchini and bananas kind of make this amazingly rich pudding cake healthy, right? Right?!? Either way, I’d definitely take a slice from Averie Cooks

Image: Averie Cooks

Honey Almond Cake with Raspberries, Orange, and Pistachios

Cookie and Kate’s gluten-free honey almond cake makes us feel like we belong on Santa’s “Nice” list.

Image: Cookie and Kate

Rhubarb-Raspberry Loaf

The Messy Baker combines rhubarb and raspberry to make the perfect loaf cake.

Image: The Messy Baker

Mixed Berry Pound Cake

Bake The Crepes of Wrath’s mixed berry pound cake for your next holiday dinner party, and watch all your friends turn green with envy.

Image: The Crepes of Wrath

Apple Cake

Bakerella made this apple cake recipe simple and delicious, just how we like it.

Image: Bakerella

Berry Lime Cornmeal Shortcakes

These cornmeal cakes are worth making for your next holiday brunch. Courtesy of The Messy Baker.

Image: The Messy Baker

Peaches and Cream Cupcakes

These cupcakes from Hummingbird High will have you dreaming of peach season. They may not be as heavy as fruitcake, but they still feel like a treat.

Image: Hummingbird High