7 For All Mankind Collaborates with Bloggers Elizabeth Minett and Racquel Natasha to Debut Holiday Looks

Want to make a holiday lookbook instantly more relatable, appealing and interesting? Throw some fashion bloggers in the mix. It's no huge secret that fashion bloggers are one of the fashion industry's best forms of advertising in one way or another; whether it's via promoting/wearing products on their Instagram accounts or collaborating with the big brands for a special collection...designers know that people love their fashion bloggers. They're the relatable, much cooler version of ourselves and whether we admit it or not, we all love them. Needless to say, when 7 For All Mankind teamed up with fashion bloggers Elizabeth Minett (of Haute Appetit) and Racquel Natasha to style holiday looks this season, they clearly knew what they were doing.

The photos from the collaboration (most of which you can find on the Instagram accounts or blogs of Minett and Natasha) feature the women in stylish jeans (surprise) paired with flirty tops as well as a winning little black dress—you know, all the holiday essentials basically. While the leather pants featured in the photos are a personal favorite, the overall outfits are pretty basic. And while I'm still trying to figure out exactly what the current definition of 'basic' is, I definitely don't mean it negatively in this case. Simply put, the looks are chic, but doable.

The outfits don't look wildly uncomfortable, "out there" or daring, but look stylish and current at the same time. In a fashion world where it is extremely difficult to find a balance between wearable/versatile and trendy, these 7 For All Mankind looks hit the mark.

Another great quality of the pieces displayed in Minett and Natasha's looks? They're perfect for mixing and matching. While a silk white top may not be your favorite, you could easily style the leather skinnies in a different way—whatever works for you. And if you're in need of a little inspiration, simply keep scrolling past the 7 For All Mankind collaboration posts in the fashion blogger's Instagram feeds and see their other outfits.