In Other News: September 17, 2013

Navy Yard latest: The FBI has confirmed that the shooter, Aaron Alexis, purchased his AR-15 rifle lawfully in Virginia.

2012 saw the lowest teen birth rate ever, and MTV might just be helping.

The “Affordable Care Act” by any other name doesn’t smell as sweet: a new poll shows Republicans like Obamacare more when it's called the Affordable Care Act. Even though it's the same legislation.

Buck McKeon, head of the Armed Forces committee, wrote a letter to the Moscow Times in direct response to Russian president Vladimir Putin’s Sept. 11 New York Times op-ed.

New Jersey ranks top in the U.S. for fewest unintentional deaths, thus invalidating half the jokes we tell about New Jersey.

Scientists in Rotterdam are training rats to sniff out crime. This is not a figure of speech.

China Photos/Getty Images News/Getty Images

A new “USB condom” will help protect computers against viruses. Yep.

This is a portrait of what the world’s eating for breakfast, and most of it looks delicious.

The world of competitive chili pepper growing exists, and it’s Honey-Boo-Boo cutthroat.

In really other news, there’s, um, a clown running amok in the British town of Northampton. He also has his own Facebook page and frequently ends posts with “Beep beep!”


(Clown via ‘Spot Northampton’s Clown’ Facebook page)