20 Gifts for College Students, Because Shopping for Undergrads Doesn't Have to be Stressful

College students usually want two things: money and food. But beyond that, there are other needs: enough sleep, good grades, and an active social life. However, undergrads do desire material things that make for great and manageable holiday gifts, so we rounded up 20 of the best presents for college students to help point you in the right direction.

From phone chargers to wallets, these gifts will help students with their studies, socialization, and general happiness — even if it isn't possible to give the gift of a couple extra hours in each day.

Image: etsy.com

Assorted Pen Set

They’ll never spend money on them themselves, but fancy pens make the perfect desktop addition for college students.

Assorted pen set, $14, Bando

Mini Keurig

Having coffee available 24/7 in a dorm room is a necessary game-changer.

Mini Keurig, $100, Bed Bath and Beyond

Relatable Art Prints

We’ve all been there. This art print takes relatable to a new level, especially for students.

Art print, $23, Etsy

Floral Notebook

Taking notes just got a whole lot more aesthetically pleasing.

Floral notebook, $7, Etsy


Big enough to fit a laptop, cool enough to not look like a middle schooler’s bag: this backpack is just right.

Backpack, $68.20, etsy.com

Pretty To-Do List

Fight procrastination with a to-do list anyone would love to fill out.

To-do list, $14, Etsy

Whatever Banner

This handmade banner isn’t your ordinary dorm decoration, but packs the perfect amount of sass.

Banner, $8, Etsy

Leather Wallet

Never lose a student ID, debit card, or cash ever again with this grown-up wallet that should be a part of every college student’s wardrobe.

Leather wallet, $39, Etsy

Reusable Water Bottle

This water bottle is a necessary 2-in-1: hydration and motivation.

Water bottle, $16, Etsy

Spa Set

College students return home from finals exhausted, stressed, and in need of a good spa day. Treat them to one with this mini spa kit.

Spa set, $30, etsy.com

Photo Mobile

Forget the cliche dorm photo wall collages. This mobile adds memories to any dorm room with a cool modern twist.

Photo mobile, $14, Urban Outfitters

Reusable Tote

Go grocery shopping like a real adult with a reusable tote bag.

Reusable Tote, $20, Etsy

Rolling Alarm Clock

Ensure that early morning classes are never slept through with an alarm clock that simply doesn’t quit.

Clocky, $36, Amazon

Desk Calendar

Your iCal may hold all your major dates, but a desk calendar adds a touch of fun.

Desk calendar, $12, Modcloth

Suction Cup Speaker

Sometimes iPhone speakers just don’t cut it. Keep the volume pumping with a portable mini speaker.

Suction cup speaker, $30, Urban Outfitters

5 Year Journal

Five amazing years are perfectly recorded in this diary.

5 Year Journal, $17, Modcloth

iPhone Case

A new iPhone case adds a fresh look to any ensemble.

iPhone case, $28, Society 6

DIY Air Plant Terrarium

Easy-to-maintain air plants bring much-needed greenery to a drab dorm room without requiring too much effort.

DIY Air Plant Terrarium, $24, Urban Outfitters


Because there’s no way they’re going to make it to that 8 a.m. class without a big cup of Joe.

Mug, $15, Etsy

Portable Phone Charger

In between mixers, classes, and clubs, the phone battery dwindles. Never be without a charge thanks to this backup battery.

Portable phone charger, $30, B an.dō