"Selfie: The Game of Silly Expressions" Is a New Board Game Here to Tap Our Collective Narcissism

Possibly you have a friend whose entire Instagram is a series of self-taken photographs of his or her face, and for that person, you may consider purchasing Selfie: The Game of Silly Expressions, a board game that aims to capitalize on the zeitgeist of an entire generation’s narcissism. The game, as Jezebel’s Isha Aran hilariously points out, is someone’s clever idea that seems to be "the mystery bastard child of a threesome between Pictionary, Apples to Apples and Charades." Which is cool, I guess, for the selfie-obsessed, aka everyone.

“What does your selfie say about you?” asks the game with questionable earnestness. Basically how this works is you draw a card, pull a face based on what the card describes, and “then watch as your friends and family guess your expression.” So fun! “The favorite guess gets a point and the player with the most points at the end wins. Make a silly face and SAY CHEESE because today is the day to express your #selfie!” For the record, the hashtagged selfie was included in the product info, because of course it was. It's worth noting for our readers in North Carolina's Wake County that you will not be able to bring the game to school.

Anyway, the cards include such selfie suggestions as, “You are a ninja,” or “There is a monster in your closet,” and “YOLO,” the latter of which I can only imagine is an especially cringe-worthy draw. The game is marketed to ages 13 and older, and can be purchased for the low price of your dignity. Check out a pic of this atrocity below.

The perfect game for just about everyone on your holiday list, amiright?

Images: Toys "R" Us (2)