17 Bare Midriffs of the Early 2000s That Attempted Sexy, But Were Just Plain Awkward

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Mark my words. I will eject myself from civilization the day society deems the ultra-low rise, pubic-bone baring jeans of my youth cool again. Born of the Abercrombie generation, the bare midriff trend of the early 2000s was a cultural fluke to say the least. For a few years there, design proportions were just off. Shirts were just too short and pants were far too low, leaving the midriff open to a chilly draft at any given moment. Not to point fingers, but I blame Britney.

Let's travel back in time to an age of chandelier belly button rings, grommeted belts, and casual butt-crack. Get a load of these 17 awkward moments from the early 2000s midriff trend, and you'll never take a crop top with a high-waisted jean for granted ever again.

Image: Getty Images

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