Reese Witherspoon's Hair Evolution Proves That Her Locks Have Just as Much Range as She Does

402029 03: Actress Reese Witherspoon arrives at the Fulfillment Fund's College Pathways Project March 08, 2002 in Los Angeles, CA. The College Pathways Project provides Los Angeles high schools with mentoring to pursue an advanced education. (Photo by Sebastian Artz/Getty Images)
Source: Sebastian Artz/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

From terminally annoying teacher's pets, to country music legends, to fiercely determined sorority girls, Reese Witherspoon can play anything. Over the course of her Hollywood tenure, Reese Witherspoon's hair has proven to be just as versatile as her acting chops. We've seen this famous blonde cycle through the modified Rachel, the flipped-up bob, the sock bun, and the inevitable brown hair experiment. With each changing hairstyle, it seems like we get to know her a little better. 

On Friday, Witherspoon returns to the silver screen in the much-anticipated film adaptation of Cheryl Strayed's Wild. Because we have plenty of great "existential hair crises" to look forward to in that movie, let's take a look back at Reese's hair-volution.


Ah, the shoulder-length shag. I’m dying to fasten some butterfly clips into this ‘do. 


While Reese’s peers were crimping, layering, and getting non-blended highlights in the early aughts, she kept things classic with a curly bob. 


Who can forget the flipped-up bob circa Sweet Home Alabama?


That flippy bob cleans up nice with a retro hairstyle, reminiscent of Grace Kelly. 


And then, the bob flips out even more! Curling irons are magical…


Remember when she dyed her hair brown to play June Carter Cash and the world couldn’t deal?


Next year, she returned to her blonde roots, giving this bouncy, layered look a try. I call this “the nieu Rachel.” 


Blair Waldorf’s got nothing on Reese’s headband game. 


For the 2007 award season, she rocked her long locks in a pin-straight do. 


Then, she chopped off about eight inches, which yielded this perfect bob. 


Back to the Betty Draper. This is an A-plus. 


This woman may have the most perfect side-bangs in Hollywood history. 


That fringe always cooperates. 


Even when it’s swept back for a sock-bun undo. 


Later on, she grew out those iconic bangs and experimented with a middle part. 


Brown hair was calling to her in 2013 once again. 


We have arrived at our final destination: the curly lob. It’s signature Reese, with a modern flare.