Would You Pay For This Britney Spears Lollipop?

With Christmas quickly approaching, you might be wondering what to get all your loved ones this year. Perhaps something quirky and unique? Maybe even a little bit thoughtful? Well, you can thank the team behind the well-renowned restaurant Sugar Factory, because they’ve cooked up something quite special for the holidays, and you won’t have to move through crowds at the mall to get it. Working with one of the most famous pop singers out there, Sugar Factory has created a Britney Spears-themed lollipop to satisfy your sweet tooth and stocking needs.

Yes, a giant lollipop. After having worked with Spears before for Circus-themed lollipops, inspired by her sixth studio album Circus, Sugar Factory has created a new lollipop that you can buy for $26. I know what you’re thinking, but come on ladies; it’s covered in fake gems. Totally worth it, right?

Plus, this item is available in eight flavors, including blue raspberry, bubblegum, cherry, creamy orange, grape, green apple, pina colada and pink lemonade. Clearly this is would even give Willy Wonka a run for his money.

According to Sugar Factory’s website, the “Couture Pop collections have already hit the red carpets in the hands of celebrities at exclusive events” and “it’s not just candy, it’s an accessory.”

So basically, not only can you feel like a celebrity when you eat it, but you can also choose which bedazzled lollipop handle you want and replace the actual lollipop with different flavors once you’ve gone through the first. Exciting! So, if you feel like dipping into your shopping funds to buy a $26 lollipop, Sugar Factory has it all there for you online and is currently accepting pre-orders because it’s that special. In reality though, maybe this gift would be better for a White Elephant exchange.