"The Science Love Song" By AsapSCIENCE Is a Hilarious Romantic Tune That Actually Makes Sense — VIDEO

If you're tired of ridiculous love songs that make no sense, AsapSCIENCE's "The Science Love Song" is a no-nonsense, highly scientific tune that is sure to speak to you at least on some level. Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown, the two talented fellows behind AsapSCIENCE, wrote this hilarious song that's now trending on YouTube, because apparently, a lot of us are tired of sappy ballads with lyrics that just leave you confused. Bring on the scientifically correct serenading!

"The Science Love Song" is full of great moments that'll have you laughing out loud. "Just like the movies I'd steal your heart / But then you'd die...so I won't do that," is a perfect example of the sweet tongue-in-cheek lyrics these two cuties have come up with. And these dudes seriously know how to carry a tune (you can download "The Science Love Song" on iTunes if you're hooked like us).

On top of all this musical greatness, you can actually feel the love between Moffit and Brown, who've been together for more than seven years — their extensive knowledge of love facts has to have played a part in that. Because sure, they'll make you laugh, but they'll also make you think. "Your lab coat and goggles go straight to my heart / Except that's a lie, cause the heart doesn't feel / When it comes to love the brain seals the deal," Moffit and Brown sing. If only everyone could be this sensible when it comes to matters of the heart.

And if you like this video, make sure to check out AsapSCIENCE's channel on YouTube, where Moffit and Brown tackle quirky, fascinating science in a totally adorable way with their weekly videos. If you've ever asked yourself "Why do I like my own farts?" or "Should I hover or cover the toilet seats?," these guys have all the answers you're looking for. Not as romantic as a love song, but still so very intriguing.

Check out the talented duo and feel the scientific love:

Image: AsapSCIENCE/YouTube