Little Girl Sets Gaston From 'Beauty and the Beast' Straight At Disney World, Says He'll Never Marry Belle — VIDEO

Oh, Beauty and the Beast — a timeless tale of nerdiness, integrity, personal transformation, and the triumph of good people over evil ones. This story clearly captured the imagination of a little girl at Disney World who marched up to a Gaston character in costume to set the record straight about a few things. As shown in this adorable video, Isabella — not "Isabelle," as she is careful to clarify — not only shatters any illusions the muscly Disney character may have had that he's going to marry Belle, she does so in the most perfect way possible.

The video, first shared on Reddit, shows Isabella approaching Belle's haughty suitor for an autograph — and then she quickly proceeds to berate him for his cockiness. She's pretty darn keen to point out once (and twice, and for the third time, etc.) that Gaston will not be marrying Belle. Maybe Gaston started it with that arrogance and all, but this little Disney princess in training certainly knew where to take her digs at the Disney villain. Isabella even knows enough about masculinity to threaten Gaston's by insisting that the Beast not only gets the girl, but is the stronger man too. Ouch.

At the end of the day, you kind of have to admire the girl's fearlessness and ability to speak out against a villain as notoriously icky as Gaston — and props too, I guess, to the man in costume for never breaking character. There are plenty of gender-neutral criticisms to offer about Gaston's attitude, which would be totally obnoxious for either a man or a woman to have, and Isabella isn't standing for any of it. Check out the video for yourself:

Image: Giphy