11 Foods That Will Naturally Whiten Your Teeth

by Miki Hayes

What with white strips, mouth washes, whitening pens, and even at-home systems, there are plenty of ways to whiten teeth if you so choose to take your smile from dull to dazzling. But these means can often lead to sensitivity of teeth and irritated gums due to the bleaching process. Plus, have you seen the price tags on those specialty products and kits? If you're not about that $50 teeth-whitening-system life, fret not. There are other options. Cheaper options. Easier options. Tastier options? Oh yeah — there are definitely foods that can whiten your teeth.

If you prefer going the natural route with your whitening treatments, here are some at-home teeth whitening recipes. But if you just want to simply eat your way to a whiter smile, look no further than your fridge. There are common foods that not only taste good, but will help brighten your choppers. But wait, it gets better. These foods aren't just good for whitening your teeth. They're also good for your overall health. So if you can, try incorporating at least one of these foods into every meal (and maybe even snacks, too). They may not make your teeth blindingly white, but they will make your teeth healthy and bright. Here are 11 foods that will help naturally whiten your teeth.

1. Strawberries

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Strawberries contain malic acid, which acts as a natural astringent. This means chomping down on some strawberries will help remove discoloration on the surfaces of teeth.

2. Citrus

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The citric acid in fruits like oranges, lemons, and limes can wear away at tooth enamel, making them appear whiter. Just be careful to eat in moderation or drink water afterwards so the sensitivity of your teeth is not jeopardized.

3 and 4. Seeds and Nuts

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The hard and abrasive texture of seeds and nuts will help scrape off stains and plaque from the surfaces of teeth, making sure your pearly whites stay that way.

5, 6, 7, and 8. Apples, Pears, Celery, and Carrots

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The high water content along with the crunchiness of these fruits and veggies will help scrape off stains from the surfaces of teeth while also promoting saliva production. This helps wash away debris and keep stain-causing bacteria from settling down on your teeth.

9. Broccoli

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Again, the crunchiness of this veggie will help scrape off stains from the surfaces of teeth. But the florets will also act as scrubbing particles to enhance the effect. Eat them raw for the best cleaning action.

10 and 11. Milk and Yogurt

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Foods that are high in calcium like milk and yogurt will strengthen teeth, therefore making them whiter.

Images: Getty Images; larcobasso/Fotolia