3-D Printed Jewelry is Becoming a Reality — So, Ladies, Why Not Frost Yourselves?

When 3-D printing became a reality, there were a lot of things I immediately thought of printing: a mould of Ryan Gosling's abs to sleep on, a Chipotle burrito in the wee hours of the morning, and all the dupes of the expensive designer clothing and jewelry I could dream of but not afford. Well, it seems like I was clearly not the only one. No, we're not any closer to being able to touch Gosling's abs — but we are a whole lot closer to being able to 3-D print gorgeous, designer jewelry for a portion of the price. New York Magazine has just introduced us to a company called Iconery, who is working on replicating high-end jewels in a price range that is not equivalent to six months of rent.

3-D printers might make you think of cheap plastics and nerdy dudes, but Iconery is ensuring potential customers that their product is all luxury. How do they keep the price down? By using slightly lower-quality materials and cutting the production time of each piece by simply scanning and printing it. The company will essentially create a mid-level category of jewelry — not cheap costume jewelry, but not quite the kind that requires its own armed guard.

With the help of Andrea Linett, a Lucky Magazine co-founder, as Creative Director, Iconery will not only lower the price of baubles, but increase the level of rationalization available to the consumer. And all this talk of shiny things just waiting to be printed started giving me some ideas about what I'd like to print when Iconery launches.


These 18K pink gold earrings from Piaget have 544 diamonds, amounting to a whopping 4.11 carats. The price is only available upon request, which means expensive.


This gorgeous Ana Khouri gold necklace is handcrafted in Brazil and coated in 18K gold. I'm pretty sure it would look just as good coming out of a 3-D printer, and for much less than the $31,790 it's currently listed for.


You could definitely wear this Anita Ko spiked bracelet everyday. The 18K rose gold and 2.6 carats worth of diamonds would go perfectly with just about everything in your closet. The $18,500 price tag would probably not go well with your student loan, however.


I'm not sure how one 3-D prints a fossilized dinosaur bone, but I'd like them to try so I can rock this unique Monique Péan ring. Sure, you could buy this ring for $24,400 — or you could afford a new set of wheels instead. Tough choice.


With my fingers, ears, and neck taken care of it would obviously be time to bling out my teeth. Just kidding, I could never pull off a grill. I would love myself a version of this grill for my Beyoncé shrine, though.

Images: Courtesy Brands