Zac Efron Went to Rehab?

Fans everywhere were treated to a shock today when E! News reported that Zac Efron was in rehab. The site'e saying he's "focusing on his career after [his] rehab stint," but, wait what? What rehab stint?!

Apparently, Efron is "happy, healthy, and not drinking" after going to a rehab facility that no one knew anything about. Neither Efron nor his people have confirmed this news (that he was ever in rehab or his status now), so take this all with a grain of salt, but E! News certainly sounds convinced, so does TMZ, which claims the actor was treated for a cocaine addiction.

Efron was recently seen at the Toronto International Film Festival, promoting the American historical drama Parkland, in which he co-stars with Tom Hanks. To reporters at the festival Efron said he's doing "good, real good."

And according to E!'s anonymous source, Efron said this about five months after having completed a stint in rehab. After assuring us with the aforementioned happy and healthy quote, the source noted that "he's taking time to focus on working."

This would hardly be the first time a Hollywood celebrity has snuck a rehab visit past the press and general public — it's probably happened literally hundreds of times in Hollywood's storied, boozy, coke-filled history — but if what they're saying about Efron is true, then it's pretty impressive that Efron's PR team hid it for this long, even given the recent leak.

Oh Troy, what would Gabriella say?

We wish Efron the best of luck in his recovery.