Big Pete And Little Pete Are Up To New Adventures

by Alicia Lutes

Glory to Petunia in the highest! Danny Tamberelli and Michael Maronna — better known as the duo behind The Adventures of Pete and Pete, one of Nickelodeon's greatest achievements — have reunited and it feeeeeeeels so goooooooood! Though the small and big screens were ill-equipped to handle their ginger majesty, it is the Internet that has welcomed them with open arms by way of a new podcast called (you guessed it!), The Adventures of Danny and Mike.

Indeed, the "monthly offering of adventure and fun," as it is being touted, will follow "those infinite children" known as Danny and Mike as they traverse this great open land known as America, taking in the sites and doing weird shit all in the name of entertaining the masses. (And by masses we mean the sort of nerds who eagerly and voraciously ingest podcasts. Like my Marc Maron and Julie Klausner obsessions.)

So far a single episode has been recorded and made public, but it's a strong debut based on associations alone. Funnyhuman Kurt Braunohler shows up to Portland PetesFest, and the experience can become one of multi-dimensionality thanks to the boys' candid photos and videos they posted along with the podcast.

While the whole thing is a bit less polished than my beloved Maron and Klausner, it is only the initial episode of the whole thing, so it might just get better with age, experience, and way weirder adventures. Just promise us that we're going to get more of this:

Just don't let it mess with mom's metal plate, you guys.

[Photo Credit: Nickelodeon]