Keira Knightley's British Independent Film Awards Dress Looks Like a Christmas Ornament. Seriously, How Cute is She?

When you're a celebrity and walk about a zillion red carpets a year, I imagine the standard colors/silhouettes/textures get rather dull. I mean, how many LBD's can you be photographed in before they all start to look alike? So sometimes you just have to switch it up and take a risk. Keira Knightley attended the British Independent Film Awards and wore a dress that legitimately looked like a Christmas ornament. But it's so cute.

The 29-year-old actress is known for her classic shapes and ladylike ensembles, but Knightley got daring for Sunday night's event, wearing an off-white, tea-length dress with silver and gold brocade flowers and white fur trim along the sides. It sounds a little strange, and at first glance, it definitely feels so wrong. But there's just something so right about it. Maybe it's because Keira is always so polished on the red carpet, and so corseted up in period piece films, that it's nice to see her playful, whimsical side. And the dress is just really freaking cute.

The British actress accessorized with teal suede pumps (equally as out-of-the-box) and pearl drop bow earrings. So she should basically be fashion's face of Christmas this year, because she looked just as lovely as a perfectly gift-wrapped present.

Tristan Fewings/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Images: Getty Images