Karlie Kloss Wants You To Learn How To Code

Model Karlie Kloss is the total package, not just because she is beautiful and she bakes. In case you haven't heard before, Kloss is also fluent in computer coding, and now she wants other girls to embrace her nerdy habits. Karlie Kloss and have teamed up to encourage young girls to learn how to code computers, which is pretty freaking awesome.

Yeah, Kloss isn't just a pretty face with legs for days. You can open any magazine for proof of Kloss' unforgettable beauty, but the fact that she is taking time out of her fabulous days to give her brain this sort of workout is impressive and makes her even more girl crush worthy. Plus, she crushes the stereotype that all models have to do is look good.

Kloss has joined Code, which is a non-profit organization that encourages women of all ages to study computer science, something I can definitely get down with. Computer science can be intimidating, even if we are all practically handcuffed to our iPhones. I admit, when my Mac Book crapped out last month, I was way impressed when my Genius Bar appointment was scheduled with a girl!

Coding and computer programming needn't be the domain of dudes, though women working in tech still face plenty of annoying work situations as the minority.

Anyway, today, Code launched the Hour of Code campaign in conjunction with Computer Science Education Week, which is an annual program that helps teach young people the basics of computer programming. Since we live in such a plugged in world, this is an essential skill and an education basic, as much as grammar and algebra.

Even Apple is getting in on the fun, with free one-hour coding workshops slated for December 11. Additionally, 100 classrooms across the country can take part in live video Q+As with tech world stars like Facebook's Sheryl Sandberg, Twitter's initial champion Ashton Kutcher, and Kloss herself. She is seriously dedicated to her coding education, it seems.

Kloss posted the IG video below a few months back, showing her nascent computer skills and her long, slender, heavily ringed fingers.

See? Being nerdy is still cool.

Images: Giphy (1); Karlie Kloss/Instagram (1)