Lady Gaga Wears White Cape And Silver Eyebrows, Looks Like A Style Superhero — See The Outfit From Every Angle

Capes are a tough fashion item to wear, but celebs are obsessed over them ATM. Angelina Jolie nailed the cape trend at her Unbroken film premiere. Now, Lady Gaga, not known for her demure or quiet style, has offered her take on the cape and winter white trends, and the effect was absolutely stunning in its simplicity.

Mother Monster was a fashion superhero at the 2014 Kennedy Center Honors with her clingy and caped, white Monique Lhuillier dress. She channeled her inner Marilyn Monroe with her blonde bombshell hair, but those blingy brows? Those were totally Gaga.

She looked normal but with Gagafied touches! Click through to check out her outfit from every single angle.

Gaga Gets Her Wings

Kris Connor/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Did a bell ring? Gaga got her fashion wings. Here, the cape looked built in to the dress, showing the star print on the inner lining.

Cloaked in White

Kris Connor/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

From the back, Gaga’s gown looked like a cloak of sorts.

Baby, She's a Star

Kris Connor/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The silvery stars were such a chic detail and, since Gaga is a huge star herself, they made sense. From this vantage point, the cape looked attached at the shoulders and as though it could be detachable or like it could change shape. Maybe it’s an optical illusion or wishful thinking, but it still got me thinking… about how great it looks.

Blingy Brows

Kris Connor/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Gaga was channelling Marilyn Monroe, with the white dress, lush lashes, and blonde bombshell waves, but those blingy brows were all her. Strong brows have been in all year and the trend shows no signs of dying down.

Dapper Duo

Kris Connor/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Gaga and her longtime BF, Chicago Fire actor Taylor Kinney, were a dapper duo on the red carpet. He’s some arm candy, ain’t he?