Grumpy Cat Is Out-Earning Cameron Diaz & Gwyneth Paltrow With A Pawsome $100 Million

What do Matthew McConaughey, Cameron Diaz, and Gwyneth Paltrow have in common? They've all been out-earned by a cat. According to a report from Express, Tardar Sauce — AKA Grumpy Cat — has earned her owner $99.5 million since her discovery just two years ago. People are obsessed with the curmudgeonly kitty, and her ever sky-rocketing popularity has led to Grumpy Cat products, books, and a feature-length Christmas film. She even has her own line of coffee coming out – aptly titled Grumppuccino.

Her owner, 28-year-old Tabatha Bundesen, told Express:

Grumpy Cat rose to fame after Bundesen's brother posted a picture of the cat on social media. Within weeks, pictures and video of Tardar garnered hundreds of thousands of likes and shares, which earned her her own agent: Ben Lashes. Grumpy Cat's official Facebook page currently has over 7 million likes.

Tardar's signature, "grumpy," look is actually the result of feline dwarfism and a pronounced underbite. Her owner attests she isn't really all that grumpy, and that she lives a rather happy life. They even released a video in 2013 to set the record straight about it.

The voiceover narrator says:

If anything, the little cat might just be tired. Most people can't handle the demands of fame without breaking a sweat, so one can only imagine what constant traveling, appearances, photo shoots, etc. does to a feline. On the upside, however, she probably gets more Fancy Feast and cuddles than she knows what to do with. And everyone knows food + cuddles = cat nirvana.

Christopher Polk/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

In any case — while money can't buy happiness, it has to be kinda hard for Grumpy Cat to stay grumpy knowing she is loved by millions of people around the world. She is the world's most adored cat, despite being what some might call, "ugly-cute." Honestly, as long as she's a happy cat and remains in good health, it might just be OK for her owner to laugh all the way to the bank in a pool of money.

Images: Getty, Tumblr