The 'She's All That' Twists Continue: Does M. Night Shyamalan Have a Hidden Identity?

Movie pitch: A twisty Hollywood thriller surrounding the mystery of who really wrote She's All That, directed by M. Night Shyamalan. At this point, the fantasy could be a reality, considering the fallout after the director told a reporter that he had ghost-written the 1999 romantic-comedy. Let's run down the twists here:

Twist No. 1: On May 29, the After Earth director tried to drum up publicity for his film by admitting he had actually written She's All That under a pseudonym.

Twist No. 2: No one saw After Earth .

Twist No. 3: The interview spreads across the Internet like a tree-fueled virus, and fans express shock that Shyamalan had directed one good film beyond The Sixth Sense. Were we about to see a dead career... coming back to life?

Twist No. 4: R. Lee Fleming, the man credited for writing She's All That's screenplay, took to Twitter June 11 to refute that Shyamalan had written the film.

Twist No. 5: Fleming's tweet disappeared.

Twist No. 6: Internet speculation begins that R. Lee Fleming, currently a producer on ABC Family's The Lying Game, and M. Night Shyamalan are the same person. Not only are their name structures similar, but they also were both born in August 1970. Also, after Shyamalan failed to make The Last Airbender a hit in 2010, he took a multi-year break before beginning work on After Earth. During that time, Fleming began work on The Lying Game, which premiered 2011.

Twist No. 7: But it seems unlikely. After all, Fleming, who also wrote 2001's Get Over It, has his own social media accounts and maintains a busy schedule. How could he find time to write and direct a film while producing a television show?

Twist No. 8: Maybe he didn't. It would, however, explain why After Earth was so shitty. They actually are the same person.