Hate Winter? Well, It's Good For Your Sex Life

The healthiest time for your relationship? Holiday time, of course. Turns out we don't need mistletoe as an excuse to snog under the tree; as reported by The Telegraph, people conceive more babies during the winter months.

As we all know, a healthy sex life means a happier relationship; our body's happy chemical, oxytocin, is released every time we get rowdy underneath the Christmas tree, bonding couples in a way that no other activity can. Winter has a somewhat infamous reputation for being the season of stress, its frost-bitten nights and crisp days chock full of family arguments, the pressure to come up with a great gift, and a whole lot of emotional eating. Nevertheless, we seem to be connecting just fine on a physical level.

Interestingly enough, sperm is at its strongest in the winter and spring months. Pair that up with the fact that twice as many condoms are sold the week preceding Christmas than the week after Santa comes to visit and the theory that many people inadvertently screw up birth control due to the overly enthusiastic partaking of holiday festivities: boom, you've got a bébé.

*creeper wink*

I can see it now. Our heroine would be all snuggled up in her cozy winter cottage, drooling over an array of seasonally-themed, carefully chosen fluffy pastries, watching the snow fall softly over the vast expanse of her beautifully kept horse ranch. She'd just be getting up to warm a croissant when Prince Charming shows up, snow-crusted, with Chipotle or, you know, something like that.

Dare to dream.

Point being, a nice snuggly night in is the best aphrodisiac; couples seem to be much more apt to get down when there's a general feeling of ease and relaxation. Seasons like summer are fun, but they're not as much about relationship bonding. They're more about bikinis and vodka and dreading fall. But I digress.

In a survey by online sex guide Good In Bed, 36 percent of participants cited winter holidays as the sexiest, just behind Valentine's Day. Shortly after came New Year's Eve, another traditionally chilly day. The survey also reflected that respondents were far more likely to have sex while on vacation.

So, what does all this tell us? The short shorts of summers might be visually enticing but it's the feeling we get in our hearts, not our loins, that serves as the best aphrodisiac.

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