Train And Bus Collide in Canada, 6 Dead

A terrifying crash in Canada caused multiple fatalities when a double-decker bus slammed into a passenger train Wednesday.

The accident occurred in Ottawa, Canada during peak rush hour. According to witness Pascal Lolgis, it appears as if the bus ran through a lowered crossing barrier, colliding with the train. "He just didn't stop," said Lolgis.

Another witness, Mark Cogan, confirmed that the crossing barrier was down at the time of the incident. "I just thought maybe there's a side way around or something, but instantly, he just ... he smoked the train. He went through the guard rail and just hammered the train, and then it was just mayhem," he said.

At six people were killed in the accident, and at least 30 people were injured . In an interview with CP24 television, Ottawa Fire spokesman Mark Messier said that several people onboard the bus were injured, but those on the train seemed to be fine.

Pictures of the incident showed severe damage to the front end of the bus.

The accident, which occurred just outside a suburban train station, involved a Via Train and caused the cancellation of train service on the Ottawa-Toronto route. In the area where the crash occurred, train tracks cross both a major road and a bus-only lane.

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne took to Twitter to express her sympathy to those involved in Wednesday morning's accident saying, "Thinking of all families affected by horrible accident in Ottawa. Thanks to first responders on the scene."