This Campaign Ad Will Make You Happy (For Real!)

Here's some happy political news to start your hump day right (for once, we're actually not pulling your leg). As Slate's David Weigel points out, the special election to fill Ed Markey's vacated House seat isn't drawing much national attention, because there's no way Democrats will lose Massachusetts' fifth district — it's a district that supported President Obama over Mitt Romney by a margin of 32 points last year.

Plus, Republicans have failed to recruit anyone for the general election, meaning that whoever wins the Democratic primary will probably be a congressman. All but guaranteed victory for the Dems!

There is, however, perhaps one Democratic candidate to cheer for specifically. Check out State Representative Carl Sciortino's "coming out to Dad" campaign ad — then tell me you don't want him to win. (Context before you watch: Sciortino is openly gay.)

Great, right? As Weigel explains, even though the ad is not so extremely groundbreaking in such a liberal district, it wasn't so long ago when coming out to one's parents wasn't exactly a life event candidates would portray in a campaign ad in order to win an election. Pretty cool that we live in a day and age where doing so is not only acceptable, but can also benefit a candidate (at least in some parts of the country).

Sciortino's playful quip about his sexuality isn't the only thing about the ad that's refreshing either. Can you remember seeing such a positive campaign ad... ever? Granted, Sciortino doesn't have any conservative competition, but the ad doesn't make any mention of (let alone any attacks on) his fellow Democratic contenders. Sciortino sticks to discussing his own platform (equal pay for women! equal rights for all! regulating big banks! an assault weapons ban!), and having his lovable father weigh in, who makes us chuckle, despite his fondness for the NRA.