20 New Year's Eve Drinks To Sip On As The Ball Drops

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Sparkly dresses and sequined stockings aside, few things are better than New Year's Eve cocktails. Bathtubs filled with bubbly, counters sprinkled with chardonnay, pitchers fizzing with pinot — no matter how you spend your NYE celebrating, it's going to be a night filled with festive cocktails. It's the last night of the year, time to trade in all our half-completed resolutions for new ones, our lame excuses for more tired ones. It's the last chance to get wasted, kiss a stranger, kiss a friend, drink a few too many glasses of something we know we're going to regret come morning.

If you aren't headed to an overcrowded bar on New Year's Eve (and let's be real, why would you be?), you're either hosting a party at your own digs, or headed to a neighbor's nearby. Ringing in the New Year starts and ends with one thing: booze. You can pass around snacks and goodies all night, but what people really want is fizzing, bubbling, perky drinks — drinks so good they make you see double, drinks so sweet they taste tart, drinks so delightful the ball drops many, many times before it actually drops on the TV screen.

So without further ado, here are the tastiest, fruitiest, dreamiest, and most delicious cocktails to make to ring in the new year.

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