10 'Sherlock' Gifts For Ladies Who Can't Get Enough of Benedict Cumberbatch & His Mind Palace

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Woe to be a Sherlock fan. We all raced through the BBC show’s new episodes in the beginning of the year, and now we’re all going to have to wait until next Christmas before we get another new episode. But what about this Christmas? What gift can you buy the Sherlock fans in your life that’ll get them through almost all of next year? Something has to keep them going beyond this one photo of Sherlock and Watson wearing funny hats, yes?

I mean, you can’t just default to the easy gifts. A DVD set or the writings of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle might’ve worked a couple years ago, but we’re on the third season here — or “series three” if you speak like a Brit — so it’s time to move beyond the basics. It’s time to take Sherlock gift-giving to the next level.

Here, some holiday presents good enough for the friend you thought was dead but magically returned to life, the one you thought would mess up a wedding toast but wound up killing it, and the one that outsmarts you and everyone around you at every turn — especially if they all happen to be the same person. (Or, you know, they’ll work for any ol’ Sherlock fan, too.)

Image: Robert Viglasky/Hartswood Films for MASTERPIECE

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